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  Computer Security  
  Date   Title
  February 15, 2014   Cybercrime Will Continue to Escalate in 2014; Steps Must Be Taken to Protect Government, Business and Individuals
  July 15, 2013   Cyber Espionage, Big Data and the Insider Threat; Intelligence Gathering Vital to National Security
  October 15, 2010   Threats to the Information Highway: Cyber Warfare, Cyber Terrorism, and Cyber Crime
  September 15, 2004   Cybercrime
  June 15, 2004   Advanced technology, advanced danger
  October 15, 2003   Sophisticated security solutions
  May 15, 2001   Virus Vandals Target Computer Networks
  December 15, 2000   Smart Cards Provide Power and Protection
  November 15, 2000   Lack of E-Mail Security Imperils Assets
  October 15, 2000   Internet-Aided Identity Thieves on Prowl
  September 15, 2000   Future Information Technology Threats
  June 15, 2000   Information Security Requires Team-Based Approach
  May 15, 2000   Hackers Exploit Internet Vulnerabilities
  November 15, 1999   The Menace of Information Warfare
  April 15, 1999   Y2K: The Millennium is Now
  March 15, 1999   The Millennium Bug: Myth or Monster?
  February 15, 1999   Meeting the Millennium Bug
  December 15, 1998   Cybercrime Threatens Billions of Assets
  November 15, 1998   Thwarting Laptop Theft
  July 15, 1998   Criminals Target Corporate Networks
  June 15, 1998   Cyber Sabotage
  February 15, 1998   Terrorism in Cyberspace
  October 15, 1997   High Tech Theives Target Laptop Computers: Small Machines Yield Large Payouts on Black Market
  February 15, 1997   Information Systems Face Internal Threats: What You Don't Know About Your Employees Can Hurt You
  November 15, 1996   Online Banking Comes of Age: Is Current TechnologySufficient to Protect Confidential Financial Transactions?
  July 15, 1996   Internet Access Opens Doors to Company Secrets: Organizations Struggle to Deal with the Inherent Insecurity of the Internet
  June 15, 1996   Computer Chip Thefts Continue to Surge: Industry on Alert as Costs Mount
  February 15, 1996   Cyberspace: The Security Frontier; Networking Advantages Jeopardize Information Security
  August 15, 1991   Computer Crime: Growing Problem Imperils Data Resources
  October 15, 1990   Secrets for Sale: Computers and Spies Collect Confidential Personal and Corporate Information
  November 15, 1988   Safeguarding against Computer Crime: Computers - Your Organization's Weak Point?
  March 15, 1988   Information Security: The New Imperative
  April 15, 1987   Electronic Funds Transfer Fraud: New Safeguards Needed?
  February 15, 1986   Sabatoge! The Enemy Within
  September 15, 1985   Computergate: The Scandal of Computer Crime Cover-up
  Novemeber 15, 1983   Computer Abuse and Fraud: Deterring the EDP Criminal
  March 15, 1979   Computer Impact: Security Must Keep Pace with Technology
  November 15, 1978   Computer Security: Do Not Bend, Fold or Assume Anything
  Special Edition   "Computer and High-Tech Crime"
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